Storage Rates

Dry Storage    
  Annual Quarterly
* Computed length under 35 ft
$12.75/ft $13.75/ft
Minimum Monthly Amount $260/mo. $280/mo.
 * Computed length 35 ft or more


Pontoon Boats

OUTSIDE RACK (limited availability)





Minimum Monthly Amount $210/mo. $235/mo
Wet Slips    
  Annual Quarterly
Wet Slips $9.00-$11.00/ft $10.00-$12.00/ft
Minimum Monthly Amount $270/mo.


Electrical Hookups (rate per month) $33

Transient Slips -- $1.50/ft/per night.


  • 1% discount for annual prepayment in cash or check
  • Customers without a current lease pay quarterly fee plus $2.00/ft
  • Wet slips - $0.25/ft higher rate with $335/mo. minimum applies to 14 slips on front row boat basin
  • If high electrical use, monthly electricity charge may increase
  • Live aboard fee - $60/month
  • There is NO TRAILER PARKING at Holiday Harbor Marina or Sunset Grille.  Violators will be towed!


  • Air conditioned gear lockers -- $50-$75/month (various sizes)
  • Pump out - $25
  • Battery charge - Jump/Quick Charge/Overnight Charge - $9;
  • Pressure washer rental - $50/hr
  • Steam washer rental - $60/hr
  • Lift, launch/forklift haul (non-tenants) - $6/ft
  • Daily rack charge - $3.00/ft ($60 minimum)
  • Dry storage boat - wetslip power - $7/night
  • Professional boat wash/detail - Inquire at office

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We arrived just before dusk and they waited for us to arrive (we had called 2 hours out). Very helpful getting into the dock. Restrooms were very close and the harbor is VERY well protected. Would stay again.

Holiday Marina Customer

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